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Accommodation in Vietnam is extremely developed and diverse which can meet the demand and requirements of almost all types of international tourists. Having a plan to visit Vietnam, you can choose to stay at the high-end luxury accommodation such as resorts, villas and apartments, 5-star hotels, if not, hostel and homestay.. definitely is a great choice for backpackers or budget-minded travelers. ...Read more

  Traveling to Vietnam, preparing for a great holiday, besides the place to visit, eat and relax, tourists also carefully consider the best accommodation in vietnam. If you are also wondering about where to stay during your trip in Vietnam, you will find a great answer via this post. Currently, according to the massive tourism, coming to Vietnam visitors can find diverse types of accommodations which will meet all your criteria. 

 The best Vietnam accommodation system consists of hotels, apartments and resorts, motels, and homestays classified in several levels from 5-star, high-class to best-budget. 

As a result of the need for tourism development in all fields from culture, history and cuisine to beach and wonders sites, Vietnam's accommodation system grew significantly.  You can book reservation through: 

- Contact directly via website, email & phone number. 

- Book via famous booking websites:,, and

- Book via Vietnam travel agencies, companies and tour operators.

vietnam accommodation

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I - Hotel accommodation in Vietnam

Hotels are the most popular accommodation type in Vietnam, this type can be found anywhere. Moreover, the location, price, and bundled service package is also extremely diverse to meet the different accommodation needs of tourists when they come to Vietnam.

Hotel prices in Vietnam vary from cheap to expensive. The hotels recognized by the international standards are more expensive than hotels sharing the same classification recognized by Vietnam.

Some popular type and characteristics of hotel:

- Five-star and luxury hotels Vietnam accommodation: This type of hotel appears in big cities or famous tourist spots such as Hanoi, Danang, and Nha Trang ... If you choose these hotels when you are in Vietnam, you will have to pay fees ranging from 2,000,000 - 5,000,000 VND / night for 2 people with the convenience for traveling during your trip and fully integrated services such as: restaurant, bar, spa, meeting room, laundry, airport shuttle, golf, tennis, fitness center, and swimming pool …

- Cheap hotels: Being considered as the most popular hotels with lots of cheap accommodation in Vietnam, costing about $8.7 - 21.7 / night.

Vietnam accommodation

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- Beach hotels: On most of the beautiful beaches in Vietnam, the Vietnam beach hotels system develops with several types of accommodation from cheap, to luxury and even 6- star. The price is not quite expensive and fully integrated services from basic to advanced for resort activities like laundry service, restaurant, kitchen, and airport shuttle.

II - Resorts - luxury accommodation in Vietnam

Resorts are a convenient and high-class accommodation, they are often built in beautiful landscapes and in a large, separate area of ​​several tens of hectares. Most of the resorts will be built and operated by big international corporations. Many resorts also own amusement parks, private beaches,... this has increased the "privacy" for your vacation to a higher level.

Depending on the amenities that the resort offers as well as the level of luxury and modernity, resorts are also arranged on the level from 3 to 5 stars. The high-class beach resorts are the best beach accommodation in Vietnam which are located along the coast like Phu Quoc, Da Nang, Con Dao, Phan Thiet, Nha Trang, ... or on the hills like Sapa, Tam Dao, Da Lat, ...

Accommodation in Vietnam

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Besides focusing on modern facilities or equipment, there is also a harmonious combination with the inherent architectural beauty of Vietnam such as: wooden house architecture, wooden floor, lacquer painting, embroidery painting, the foliage,... All create a peaceful, harmonious, rustic resort space like the people and homeland of Vietnam.

Some popular type of resort:

- Best beach accommodation in Vietnam:

+ Location: near the sea; normally, just a few hundred meters from the beach.

+ Resorts services and facilities: Converge full of high-class services and facilities to   meet the basic needs of visitors including laundry, air conditioner, TV, swimming pool..

+ With a coastline of more than 1,000km, Vietnam's beach resorts are diverse from the standards of 3-star to 6-star. 

- Five-star and luxury resorts accommodation in Vietnam:

+ Price: higher than 5-star hotels (including buffet breakfast)

+ Resorts services and facilities: laundry, airport shuttle, restaurant, office meeting, bar, spa, fitness center, golf, tennis, and casino.

+ Location: far from the city center, convenient for relaxation and meeting.

Vietnam accommodation

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III - Homstays - stay with locals experience

Homestay - unique accommodation in Vietnam is quite diverse, capable of meeting the accommodation needs, affordability and the desire of different visitors such as: homestays in the city, homestays at tourist destinations or homestay resorts,...

In particular, the most prominent and most interesting by tourists is the type of homestay built in pristine areas, close to nature and retaining the typical architecture of indigenous people. Because coming here not only meets the simple accommodation needs, but it is also a way to help visitors learn and explore the culture and daily life of the locals. Or homestays that combine experience tourism and stay in Sapa, Hoi An, Can Tho,... For example, homestay in Cat Cat Sapa village, visitors can stay, explore the process of weaving, dyeing of handmade fabrics. The people here are very interesting, ...

Another popular point for tourists is that homestays in Vietnam have extremely reasonable prices, if not "cheap" compared to other tourist countries, only from 150,000 - 1,000,000 VND ($6.4 - 43) / night. 

IV - Hostels -  best choices for backpacking travel

Hostels are a type of cheap travel accommodation that is suitable for all types of backpackers, that love experiences and prioritizes cost savings first. In fact, this is a form of cheap hotel that people have cut down on attached services such as food and drink, laundry to minimize the cost of renting a room.

There are many types of guest rooms in Vietnam such as 4-bed rooms, 6-bedroom or 10-bed rooms; Besides, there are different types of hostels with different rooms and areas for male and female,... The location of these hostels is often located far from the central area, tourist area,... with prices ranging from 100,000 - 150,000 ($4.3 - 6.5) / night. The outstanding advantage of this type of accommodation is its low cost, suitable to the needs of backpackers in Vietnam.

Normally, the system of hostels accommodation in Vietnam often provides tourists or business travelers a night or some hours staying:

- Price: quite cheap, from 100,000 - 150,000 VND ($4.3 - 6.5) / night 

- Motels services and utilities: kitchen.

- Location: along the road, suitable for budget travel or long distance journeys.

Accommodation in Vietnam

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V - Apartments for rent in Vietnam - unpopular type of accommodation in Vietnam

The form of apartments in Vietnam is quite unpopular. It is mainly concentrated in big cities and provinces such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Nha Trang, Danang and so on. 

- Price: 2,000,000 - 3,000,000 VND ($87 - 130) / apartment / night

- Apartments services: living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. 

- Location: favorable, convenient for traffic, close to the scenic spots.

Depending on the purposes of your trip, visitors can get the best Vietnam accommodation deals and packages. 

- If you visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, it is highly recommended to choose hotels and hostels which are convenient for you to move schedules to visit attractive destinations, explore and experience Vietnamese culture.

- If you travel to beaches, islands or some related destinations, you should stay at a resort or hotel to ensure safety as well as have enough space to enjoy the beauty of nature. 

In conclusion, tourism is one of the indispensable parts of modern life. To make a wonderful trip, accommodation also plays an essential role. Therefore, with the provided information as well as your own criteria and favorites, we hope that travelers can choose suitable types of accommodation in Vietnam to have the greatest experiences during your holidays.   

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